About Us


Vintage   Hope Boutique is a small female owned business in Historic Downtown Richmond, Texas that focuses on the whole woman. Our tag line is “It’s not about the clothes, it’s about the women who wear them”. While this is our tag line it is so much more! We love every woman that comes into our shop or shops online with us. We love to hear their stories, learn about their loved ones, and to help them feel confident and beautiful in the clothing and accessory items they choose.


Our mission is to honor God, love women, have fun, and be authentic.


Vintage Hope from the beginning has been a giveback company. We donate a portion of our profits every month to a non-profit organization called Hand Picked. Hand Picked helps with the rehabilitation of girls rescued from human trafficking in the Houston area. Our donations provide art supplies and other materials that help these young girls process their trauma and to start to heal.

Our brick and mortar is in an older vintage home and we have created an awesome conversation area. One of our greatest joys is when our couches are full with women making connections, talking life, being encouraged or prayed over, or leaving with a new friend. We are so humbled that Vintage Hope has become a place of peace and comfort to others.

We love to bring smiles to the faces of our community! Through our weekly FaceBook lives we are able to make women laugh and shake off a rough day. Especially during this time of unknown and fear we are getting messages thanking us for the laughs and the normalcy. We hope to always create a space where all feel welcome!!!

It’s amazing the closeness of community that can be created when you are real and kind. We don’t pretend to be perfect. We make mistakes, we struggle with faith and confidence, and we let our customers into our lives. We are honest and always try to run our business with integrity. We truly have the best customers!!! They have rallied around us in the worst of times and the best of times because they are so much more than that to us!

We may not be the biggest boutique, have the most inventory, or the newest retail space but what we do have is a love for others! We want a person’s experience with us to be for more important than a simple transaction. When you step foot into Vintage Hope we want you to know you are important and you matter.

Welcome! We're so happy you're here! Elise & Katie