Collection: Ali


I’m Ali, a 34 year old mom of two amazing girls, Gwen (4) and Lilly (2). I married my best friend, Ross, 5 years ago after meeting on Match. (Now you can officially say you know someone who married someone off a dating website!) I love traveling, wine, delicious food and a good Netflix binge. All of which I have little time for with two mini-me’s running around. I’ve just very recently started getting comfortable with my post-baby/2 c-sections body. In my prime I was a 6-8 and am now a 12 on a good day so it’s taken some time to adjust my style and clothing to fit all dis. VHB has really helped me by offering bump and curve friendly items that are super cute in an array of sizes. Not to mention, Katie and Elise are the most fun and encouraging women ever! Women always have to have each other’s backs and VHB will make sure that yours looks fabulous!

Age: 34 

Height: 5’10”

Bra Size: 36DD 

Dress Size: 12-14

Jeans Size: 31-32

Tee Shirt Size: Large

Shoe Size: 9.5